Welcome to Butch Please!

My name is Mo, and I’m a thirty-something lesbian living in Edmonton, Alberta. I share a small apartment with my wife, Kate. She’s a late-twenties bisexual chick.

Kate and I each had our reasons for wanting to create a site like this. We’ve both enjoyed websites of a similar style, but lately we’ve noticed a decline in quality. Content has veered towards click-bait topics (misleading titles, intentional controversy) and click-heavy formats (list articles that make you click on a new page for each item). Many websites have become almost impossible to slog through due to the overwhelming number of ads.

It’s hard to feel like the product (the writing itself) is the most important thing when you can’t successfully make it to the bottom of a post without your computer self-destructing. Browsers freeze, or shut off without warning, and we’re left deciding whether it’s worth the effort to finish reading. The worst is when the content is decent – you want to read it, but the money-making part of the website impedes this at every turn.

We’ve talked to other people who share our frustrations. But you can only read what’s out there. And since we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for, we decided we’d just create it instead!

Writing has always been a dream for both of us, but we’ve never taken any concrete steps towards realizing that dream. Now feels like a natural time to try. We’re newlyweds with few external obligations at the moment; we have no mortgage, no kids, no pets. The only risk is to ourselves, and we’re pretty sure we can handle it.

We’ll be rolling out (at least) one new post per day. We’ll also be on the hunt for new writers who can offer unique perspectives on life and queerness. We want to showcase diverse voices and hear stories from all walks of life. We want to learn about the things that make us the same, as well as the things that make us different.

We hope you’ll join us on this ride! You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or you can join our mailing list (using the link in the sidebar). Your feedback is key, so please comment, link, and share if you like what you see! Our goal is to build a community where writers and readers can share opinions and thoughts in a respectful and supportive environment. We need your help to make that happen!


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