Happy Bi Visibility Day!

Shout-out to all the beautiful bisexuals out there! We love you, and we see you.

Help us celebrate Bi Visibility Day by reading one of the many, many articles we’ve posted by and about bisexuals:

A Bisexual’s Secret: I Am Intimidated By Women.

A Woman Works

Bisexual Monogamy

CLEXA: The Best Ship That Ever Shipped

Copycat Queer

Complex Queerness and Imposter Syndrome

I respectfully disagree with both Simon Pegg & George Takei over Gay Sulu

Independent Woman is Dating a Woman

Kinda Gay: Bi Erasure on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

My Dad: Bisexual Ally

My Differently-Sexed Choice

My Invisible Girlfriend

Reloading the Label Gun

Rx Marks the Spot: Finding a Queer-Friendly Therapist

So… Threesome?

The Same-Sex Choice

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